"Thanks again for everything you did for Jenni's wedding.  I seriously have never seen such beautiful flowers for a wedding.  Each thing . . . stunning, creative, elegant, breathtaking. So so happy.  We knew the minute we met you that you were the one.  You surpassed any expectations we had.  Thank you!" 

Susan, Mother of the Bride

July 2020

"The flowers were incredible! It's so amazing because I couldn't picture how the decor was going to look in the space and I was pretty nervous about it.  Your flowers brought everything together in a way I can't explain.  The flowers on the arch were incredible! It was EXACTLY what I've been picturing.  You have been amazing and so easy to work with.  Thank you thank you thank you, from the bottom of our hearts.  When we get more pictures I will send them your way!  You're amazing at what you do." 

Kristal, Bride

December, 2019

"I just wanted to send you a few pictures of the amazingly beautiful flowers that you put together for our wedding.  It was such an honor to work with you and I am still blown away at how perfectly you hit the nail on the head with what I envisioned.  I'm still obsessed!  Next to marrying my husband, I think the flowers were my favorite part of the whole day.  Thank you so so much!" 

Michaela, Bride

October, 2020

"I seriously can not thank you enough for making my dream flowers for my wedding.  I knew you would, but it took my breath away to see the incredible creation you came up with! I know I didn't have a set vision to go on and you created these flowers that exceeded my expectations.  I will forever be able to look at my photos with extreme fondness thanks to you!"

Nekoda, Bride

February 2020